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To date lysozyme is the most recent bacteriocin. It´s a mucopolysaccharidase that cleaves specific carbon chains in the cell wall of bacteria and, in consequence, the cell wall breaks down.

Calcium chloride

Calcium chloride (CaCl2) is an additive with multiple applications in dairy and food industry, but it also plays a role in water preparation.



Lipases comprise an enzyme family that cleave fatty acids (lipids) into their constitutes glycerin and (different) fatty acids.



Our high-purity lactase (beta-galactosidase) is derived from the yeast Klyveromyces lactis by controlled fermentation. Lactase cleave milk sugar into its derivates glucose and galactose.

Our exclusive distribution partner for powder lactase and liquid lactase in the field of pharmaceutical applications is Ensymm UG & Co. KG. Further information and contact details can be found at


Natamycin is a natural occurring fungicide, it´s effective against a plenty of yeasts and mould. The natural cheese ripening is not affected, because for bacteria it´s harmless.


Surface cultures

As there is a huge amount of different types of cheese, we offer excactly the suitable surface culture for your desired product.  Please ask for individual information.


Dairy cultures

For every product of interest in the huge area of fermented milk products we are able to offer the appropriate culture. Feel free to contact us for additional information.


Propioni bacteria

opti-propioni are used for big-eyed cheese like Emmentaler with the typical nutty and sweet flavour and the typical big eyes.


Natural rennet

Our rennet is a pure natural product, it´s produced exclusively in calf stomachs. Moreover no additional curdling substances are added!


Microbial rennet

As an alternative to the mammalian rennet we also offer microbial rennet. It´s won from the fungus Mucor miehei and can be applied for all types of cheese. As it´s not of mammalian origin it is suitable for vegetarians.

Cheese surface coatings

Because of the tremendous number of different types of cheese, the requirements for cheese surface coating differ enormously.


Cheese cloths

We offer a variety of different cheese cloths for traditional cheese production. The cloths are essential for manufacturing companies.


Inhibitory test

It is essential in cheese manufacturing that no residues of pharmaceuticals remain in the milk. The BRT is characterized by high sensitivity against inhibitors like antibiotics and sulfonamides.
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